We Love Content!
Can You Tell?

But we also love a lot of other cool stuff! Our team is a tight-knit group of thinkers, do-ers and most importantly, storytellers. We work together on every project, every time, so our clients can maximize the full potential of their content strategy and get results.

“If you can laugh together, you can work together.”

-Robert Orben

Who We Are.

When we’re not at the office making better content, we’re enjoying a craft brew on a summer's night or the powdery slopes on a winter's day. Each of us has a different background and speciality to ensure maximum efficiency & effectiveness. Everyone on the team has over 5 years of experience in their field, with some over 20 years experience. We take our work seriously without taking ourselves too seriously, and it’s this balance that has made Kennetik a powerhouse content company. Take a look below to see who you'll be working with on your next project.

Content Visionary

ensures all content is purposeful, engaging and moves the audience.

Content Strategist

develops the best content strategy for the client’s desired results.

Content Producer

creates the actual content for all mediums such as video, photo or print.

Content Manager

keeps track of the content process and progress while uniting the team.


Behind every design, must be a strategy. We think it’s simple; if you don't have a strategy, you don't have effective content. Creating a strategy involves knowing a lot of cool things, like “what’s your message?”, “who’s your audience?” or “what’s the business goal or objective?”. Putting all these answers together is critical - so the designers can make intentional decisions when they create the content - maximizing the purpose, effectiveness and cohesiveness of your message - ultimately driving the desired results.


Every great design starts with a great vision. Before our designers spend any of their valuable time making draft after draft - only to end up back at the drawing board - they work with a strategist to ensure there is a clear understanding of the message, the brand and the look & feel of the content. "Only Purposeful Design" is a mantra in our office, and if something doesn’t serve a purpose, it will be scrutinized by our team, reviewed together and decided on, before we start billing you for design work. Smart huh?


Communication with your staff and business network is critical for success. Whether you're training a new employee or addressing a company obstacle - creating better content to communicate & educate your staff develops more trust within the business. When your employees are armed with up-to-date training, frequent business communications and engaging content, it’s no surprise the business benefits. Give your employees the content they deserve to be the best they can be.


Our cluttered world has offered only one choice for consumers - block it all out. Customers are more savvy than ever, with the current information age pushing the envelope on how we learn, interact and communicate. It can be difficult to get your customer to listen - but effective content will guarantee your customer is ready to listen and most importantly, ready to develop a relationship with your business. Did we mention that we’re great at creating effective content?

How We Work.


Let's Get To Know Eachother!
To make it easy, we’ve got a few ways you can get in touch. When you reach out, we’ll consult and begin strategizing without ever charging a penny. We want to understand your business, the scope of your goals, and invent ways to help reach your audience. Don’t hesitate to start the conversation, we're waiting for you.


Let’s Make A Plan!
After we’ve learned about your business, goals and objectives, it’s time to develop the strategy. We’ll review, discuss and even debate the details of our plan until we find the perfect fit for your goal or objective. If you’re not even sure where to start, that’s ok! We’re happy to create our ideas from scratch - It’s something we do best.


Let’s Get Results!
With a solid strategy in place, we’re ready to start creating & publishing the content according to the determined timeline. This is the exciting part, where everything comes together and falls into place. It doesn’t end there though! Measuring your content is crucial to understanding if it is effective, and learning from this can also help improve future content. We’ll make sure you understand the full impact and scope of your content, even after it’s been published.

“Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan”

-Margaret Thatcher